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Napping with baby


This is something I don’t get to so much of anymore: Nap with my babies.

It was kind of a failed attempt. Lydia needed to nap but wasn’t falling asleep in her crib. I picked her up to calm her down and she ended up falling asleep in my arms. I was going to lay her back down so I could go get a few things done while everyone was sleeping or resting. Then I thought I would just go rock her for a little while and treasure the moment.  At the time, everyone else was either resting or sleeping.  It was probably not five minutes later that Grace came in to tell me that the cd player was acting up and not playing their story anymore.  That was fine.  I whispered to her that she should just go ahead a practice her violin.  Then a 5 minute discourse ensued about how she couldn’t do it by herself, and on and on.  I felt kind of helpless sitting in the recliner with a sleeping baby on me because she shouldn’t be arguing with me about what I asked her to do.  After she left to go practice, Ellie starts hollering from the bathroom adjacent to our bedroom, “MOMMMMMM! I NEED WIIIIIIPED!”  How do you whisper back to a child who keeps yelling for you?  They can’t hear even in between their shouting.  Finally that problem was solved.  Then Ellie comes in to talk to me about what she can do since the story isn’t working.  It was a nice long conversation as well–whispered of course– but apparently not quiet enough because Lydia’s head pops up and she’s wide awake, smiling and super excited to see us.  I had been sitting just long enough to feel sleepy.  Oh well.  I was reminding myself it was worth the try.  Next time, there needs to be specific instruction for the older girls on how to occupy their time.  Live and Learn!

They are currently outside resting in the hammock and listening to Little Town on the Prairie audiobook.  I was trying to put away groceries and dishes but have had to run out so many times to put out fires, that I’m like a hamster on a wheel.  No need for an exercise program.  🙂  The joys and trials of mothering are very real.  Sometimes it’s easy to loose sight of the forest for the trees and in the midst of it all, a little dose of perspective is all you need.  Soon they will be grown up and wont “bother” you anymore.  I don’t want to waste a moment in self-pity.  For one, what would I be communicating to our girls and for two, who wants to look back in regret wishing for what can never be repeated.  “THIS is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!”


Maryland wildlife


We were doing school at the dining room table when Grace screeched and pointed to our window.  Thankfully this slow-moving giant bug was on the outside.  Eeeewww!  We found out it’s called a Wheel Bug and is one of the largest insects in North America.  I guess its presence is indicative of a healthy ecosystem and it’s considered a helpful insect like ladybugs because it eats destructive insects.


We’ve seen these vines and berries in our neighborhood several times.  They are the most unusual berries I’ve ever seen.  Turquoise, deep blue and lavender.  Anyone know what they are?

No words for this…only smiles :)


Elliana is sleeping under there somewhere.  This picture reminds me of Pippi Longstockings.  Haha. She’s sleeping in Clara’s bed and Clara was in her bed.  When I went in to check on the girls one more time before I went to bed, it took me a few seconds to figure out what I was looking at in the dark and who exactly that was 🙂

Clara’s accident

Sundays remind me of when I was a little girl with my three other sisters, waiting in line in the bathroom for my mom to fix our hair for church.  I distinctly remember thinking what it would be like when I was the mommy fixing my girls’ hair.  Well, here I am!  Mornings such as Sundays, when we all have to be semi fixed up, everyone’s hair fixed and out the door early-ish, can be a little busy and maybe slightly hectic.  I am generally a Type B person so the craziness doesn’t really bother me, but even so, it’s still busy trying to do everything and get out the door on time.  Grace told me in her very-Grace way, the last time we were running late to something, that when she was a mom, she was going to be prompt.  🙂  Oh dear!  I told her I can always improve, but I honestly try and sometimes we’re late because of circumstances outside my control.

Yesterday morning everyone was fixed and ready to go.  Clara was following me down the stairs to get in the car, and chit-chatting about how she didn’t have a purse for her Bible.  As I got to the first floor, I went around the corner to get my diaper bag, Lydia in hand, and glanced at Clara who was about three-quarters of the way up the stairs carefully going down, holding the railing and still chattering away about her Bible.  The next thing I know I hear a terrible clattering and a thud.  I knew right away that someone or something had fallen down the stairs.  The stairs at our new house have an open railing on one side.  I’m not sure why, except maybe it’s otherwise impossible to get furniture in and out of the living room??  I’m not sure how it happened, but I ran back around the corner and Clara was lying on her back crying.  George came right down and picked her up.  We’ve never had a child be seriously injured, but by the way she looked and acted and was crying, we knew it wasn’t a little bump.  She fell from probably 5 feet or maybe a little higher.  We didn’t go to church and stayed home watching her.  She kind of just cried at first and acted dazed.  When we tried to move her, she complained of her shoulder hurting on the right side.  We were pretty sure she had broken her clavicle.  Since it’s George’s specialty, he knows that you don’t do anything for clavicle fractures and they eventually heal on their own.  She threw up once about an hour after her fall.  When she vomited a second time, we decided to take her in just to be sure she didn’t have a head injury.  George didn’t think so since she was communicating and all, but he didn’t want to make that call.  In all, I’m glad we went in, although they didn’t do anything except confirm on xray that Clara’s right clavicle was broken, give her motrin, water and graham crackers and agree that she didn’t have a head injury.  I felt better about taking care of her at home and I think George did too.  We are very thankful that her injury wasn’t any worse.  She’s still sore today but we made her a makeshift sling which seems to help.  I am also thankful for our dear neighbors, Becky and Mark, who kept Grace and Ellie for us all afternoon so they didn’t have to sit in the ED.


Our treacherous stairs

image image

Poor little girl not feeling too well


Cute chubby little arm with a bent clavicle


Miss Clara perked up right before we left.  She was “super hungry.”  She and I thought it would be a good idea to stop at Chick fil a on our way home, but then George reminded me it was Sunday 😦  Oh well.  🙂

First Day of School

imageToday was officially our first day of school.  Our new books arrived a week ago and because the girls were so excited to start, we began unofficially last week, doing random things for math, reading, writing, music, etc. I needed time to look through all the books and get my bearings on what I would be teaching so we waited until today to officially begin.

To start the day, Lydia slept last night more than 3-4 hour stretches for the first time in her entire 8 months of life, giving me a luxurious “full” night of rest from 11pm- 6am.  It wasn’t entirely uninterrupted as Clara came in our room crying because of her hurt arm and for some reason, Ellie ended up sleeping on the floor by me.  I don’t really remember the reason she came in.  I must not have fully been awake.  Anyway, I fell AWESOME today!  I don’t remember the last time I slept more or less through the night because even before Lydia was born, I was up at least twice to use the bathroom every night.

I was able to shower, dress and fix my hair before the girls awakened, which, as any mom of little ones knows, is a feat in and of its self.  My goal this year is to begin school at 8 am and to be done with most, if not all of it, by lunchtime.  Today, we started around 8:30…not too bad for the first day.  I’ve been dividing up my weekly household chores for a while, doing certain things on certain days.  (Thanks Ma, from Little House on the Prairie!)  The girls have to be dressed, have their teeth brushed, hair fixed (they can do on their own and it looks decent), and room spit-spot before breakfast.  Today we added a chore as well to that list.  I think having everyone contribute according to their age and aptitude will work well and will be a great way to get our household chores done quickly.  It will also be a wonderful way to teach our daughters to take care of a home and I’m sure will provide many opportunities to develop good character.  Monday and Thursday are laundry days.  This morning, Ellie sorted all the clothes, Clara helped me move them from the washer to the dryer and everyone will help me fold and put them away this afternoon.  Grace’s job was to collect all the trash and bring it out.  Have I mentioned that I love, love living in a house?  In Chicago, I didn’t feel that was a safe chore to give her because the trash cans were in the ally, too far from our second floor apartment.

We are using My Father’s World curriculum for the second year.  I really like the teaching style and having lesson plans already made for me.  It’s great though because it doesn’t schedule out everything which allows for the parent to adapt things and add more if needed to fit the needs of their particular child.  All and all, the first day was a success.  We went out to celebrate with Chick fil A for lunch.