Monthly Archives: October 2015

I should try to update this more often…my problem is that I always think I will get around to uploading pictures and never do.  I’m assuming at least for our families, that’s the highlight of this site anyway 🙂  We’re here still…life has been busy!  George has been on call very frequently for the past few weeks and upcoming ones as well.  He’s applying for jobs and lining up interviews as well.  Thursday, we all get to go for one of his interviews!  It will be the first time flying with the girls (minus going to a wedding with Clara when she was 3 months old).  I’m hoping for lots of fun and memories and no stress 🙂  Will check back and let you know how that goes.  In the meantime, we have a lot to do to get ready to go.  This evening I did the unthinkable…Grace and Elliana were helping me fold and put away laundry.  I’m behind on household stuff because I have been sewing in my spare time.  We had left-over clean laundry from last week and new stuff washing today.  I told them just to sort the clothes to what goes where and put it away without folding.  Not that I think that’s such a horrible thing to do.  I just think it’s funny that I’m at the point I don’t really care that much.  Most of the time, their drawers look like we never fold their clothes anyway.  The laundry got done before supper and all’s well…now at least.  George started a fire in our potbelly stove after we put the kids down and we were cleaning up downstairs.  I have had a couple fires and there were quite a lot of ashes, so I cleaned that out before he started the fire and put the bag of ashes on the back porch.  A little while later, George noticed a glow from behind the blinds.  The bag of ashes was on fire outside!  Oops.  We threw water on it and it was extinguished right away.  Thankfully, there are no marks on the porch.


A Good Day

My beloved is back!

George had an interview in Chicago this week and was gone for a few days.  Today was a catch-up day…catch up with each other, catch up on laundry, catch up on sleep, catch up on cleaning…  This morning we had pumpkin-pecan pancakes for brunch together as a family.  While we were sitting around the table, we were deciding what we wanted to do today.  George gave the girls the option of either staying home for a tea party and movie or going to the aquarium.  They opted for staying home and said it was such a rainy, cozy day, that that would be more fun.  So we cleaned up the dishes and cleaned the girls’ room (they cleaned it yesterday but when I went to inspect, there still was stuff scattered here and there, under beds and dresser.  I piled it all together on their rug and it made a BIG pile so today we really cleaned 🙂  Then we all laid down for naps including the grownups!  Unfortunately I forgot to check that Clara had a pull-up on, and she fell asleep on the girls’ big bed while listening to Little House in the Big Woods.  I realized it when I got up a little bit later but it was too late.  Everything was soaked down to the mattress pad.  Oh well.  I let her finish her nap and am just drying the last of the bedding currently.  Grace and Ellie prepared for the tea party almost entirely on their own.  I came downstairs and they had the table all decorated, even bouquets of balloons strung from the fan above the table and the food set out.  It was quite the party!  Per their request, everyone was dressed up…even Daddy.  After the party was over, we popped in the new Cinderella.  Our neighbor, Mark, asked George if he and the girls wanted to go with him and his son to a bouncy house place late this afternoon.  Cinderella was paused and everyone minus myself and Lydia, who was napping, was loaded up and had a lot of fun.  Even the adults could bounce I found out 🙂  Lydia awoke a short time later and “helped” me clean.  More like she wandered around from room to room whimpering occasionally.  I don’t think she liked being an only child.  We got the floors done, bathroom cleaned, laundry folded (that had been sitting for a few days in baskets…just in time for the next batch to be washed lol), my room cleaned and the downstairs tidied.  I was hoping to spend more time sewing on Elliana’s dress, but that didn’t happen.  It feels good to be caught up on housework though.  We had leftover chili for dinner and finished the movie.  After we tucked in the girls, Lydia was up again.  I left George in the big girls’ room to finish tucking them in and fed Lydia.  It was loud for a few minutes then very quiet.  When I came out, everyone was sleeping…including George, who was snugged in the toddler bed with Clara.

I came downstairs, made two lasagnas- one for Sunday dinner and one for the freezer- cleaned everything up and am now headed to bed.  Yep, it was a good day!  I love my husband and I love our children.  I am so thankful that we get to be a family!