Monthly Archives: January 2016

Baltimore blizzard 2016

We got a record snowfall last Friday and Saturday. Almost 30 inches! Thankfully, George wasn’t on call and we didn’t have to be anywhere. We just stayed home for several days, played in the snow, watched movies, ate treats, had our neighbors over, went to our neighbors house, started shoveling out and waited for the plows to come.   

George had a flight at 6am Monday morning to go to the Midwest for an interview. He ended up leaving Sunday night. He had to hike out of our neighborhood to a Main Street to have an uber car pick him up. He stayed at the airport Sunday night and was able to go to the interview and flew home Tuesday night. 


No more cold feet!

 We are living in a very old house that we found out is very drafty in the winter time. I was down in the cellar recently and the insulation seems to be falling unfortunately. Since we’re renting and our landlady lives several hours away, I’m not sure if it will get fixed. However, this explains the breezes coming up through the floor and how chilly it gets downstairs. Well, my slippers finally arrived! They were supposed to come last weekend but since we had 30 inches of snow, we haven’t had mail delivery for five days. I also got Lydia some slippers since the two of us were the only one without a pair. They are definitely keepers! No more cold feet 🙂  


This has been how we have increasing time together and today, how we did bedtime with the girls.     
I’m probably partial, but I think both those people in the last picture are pretty cute!  And yes, George wears pink scrubs at the hospital he works at now. 🙂


 What did you do today?  We went to worship, came home to make lunch and watched the Moody Church’s service streaming live while cooking, had spaghetti for lunch, made oatmeal cookies, had resting time during which I was working on the checkerboard I’m making, had Dean over to play, had supper consisting of fried eggs, cheese, oranges and popcorn, watched “Frozen,” got ready for bed, read a bible story, facetimed with George, tucked everyone in and proceeded to work on the checkerboard until way too late.  

Lydia 12.5 months: she’s walking pretty well now, says daddy, mommy, down, more milk, Dean, dog, loves to sing, laugh, read books together and in general enjoys all our day-to-day activities. She waves to just about anyone and flashes her big gummy smile (though she does have two teeth now), blows kisses, and loves attention. Lydia may be our most opinionated child so far. She wins the prize by a long shot for not sleeping through the night the longest and has probably traveled more miles than any of the other girls. She’s a sweetie! Definitely a keeper 🙂


 This is my belated Christmas present to the girls. I had every intention of getting it done in time, but as you can see, that didn’t happen. I am almost done with the checkerboard and then I will need to finish all the checker pieces. I am making those out of fabric yo-yos with buttons. Soon I will post pictures of sewing projects that I’ve done since we’ve moved. We’ve done some dresses and swimsuits and some little projects. I’m really itching to do a quilt. I want to make Lydia and Clara both a crib size quilt and do a bigger quote also out of scraps that I have. We will see. I’m realizing that this might not be the season for stuff like this. I really enjoyed it though and often do projects when George is gone working long hours or out of town.