It’s out!

 Grace’s two front top teeth have been loose for a long time. One in particular has been very loose of late. Two nights ago, we tied floss around it and Grace was going to pull it out. She got too scared to do it herself and asked us if she left the floss on if we would pull it out while she slept (as if she was under anesthesia). We asked her how we would know if she was really asleep and she said if we told her “Grace, the British are coming!” and she didn’t awaken, then she was really asleep. A few hours later, before we went to bed, we did all she asked. She didn’t awaken to “th British are coming” or when I yanked in the floss. The floss snapped when I pulled in it and the tooth remained intact. šŸ˜¦  

Tonight after I put the girls to bed, one by one, they all trickled into my room starting with Clara. She’s was scared and wanted to snuggle. Amazingly tonight I had the house tidy and dishes done and was putting the kids in bed before 8. I’ve been feeling under the weather with a cold I caught from Clara and Lydia and don’t feel well tonight. I welcomed the snugglers. Grace was the last one in. She must have been wiggling her tooth because she came in and it was pulled out and twisted around. It looked like there should be no reason it was still attached. She said she wanted to pull it out tonight. I ended up doing the pulling and …    …Ta-da! Here she is folks! This tooth fairy needs to get her wings on and take care of some business. Tooth fairies are kind of like moms: always on call, even when sick. Have a good night!


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