Experimenting in the kitchen

I think this was the first science class George has taught our girls. We were a little behind with some of our experiments because I failed to make sure we had all necessary ingredients and materials on the days we were supposed to do certain experiments. Thus, we did a Saturday afternoon catch up with daddy. While doing the different experiments, Grace kept saying over and over very excitedly, “this is great! This is just great!!”  They explored oil and water and learned what hydrophobic/hydrophilic meant and also did experiments with fizz, which everyone including George kept referring to as fuzz. We discovered that soda and lemon juice also fizzes as it does with vinegar (this was Graces idea..she said, “lemon juice is an acid…lets see what happens if we use it instead of vinegar”). The fizz is different though…you should try mixing up the two different concoctions and see what you think.   
  The outfits were also their ideas 🙂 our old lab  coats from working at Northwestern and sunglasses, i.e. Safety glasses.  


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