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Sushi Party

Leah and Nathan hosted what is becoming their annual post-Thanksgiving sushi party.  It was delicious, of course!  We didn’t get any pictures of the food, but we got a picture of the two of us.  This was after  several days off work for George…he looks so refreshed!  I’m so excited for him to be done with training and to have more time to sleep 🙂  Seriously, sometimes (most of the time!), I don’t know how he does everything he does (and does it well!).



Celebration Vacation

DSC_0195 DSC_0196

So we moved July 10th.  The girls arrived with my mom and youngest sister on Wednesday the 15th.  They stayed until Sunday evening, flying home on the 19th.  We spent the 20th planning a little trip for our family to see more of the East Coast and to celebrate the completion of residency.  We headed north the next day and spent the night about an hour out of Plymouth Massachusetts.  We spent all day Wednesday touring Plymouth Plantation, downtown Plymouth, a replica of the Mayflower that brought the Pilgrims to America almost 400 years ago and a working grist mill.  It was a very full, fun day!  When we were done for the day and heading towards Maine, the girls were already planning our next trip back to the area 🙂


IMG_6130 DSC_0236 DSC_0215 DSC_0257 DSC_0255 DSC_0239

We made it to Bangor, ME late Wednesday night.  The next few days we spent eating lobster, flying kites, touring Bar Harbor, hiking, collecting shells and swimming.  It was so much fun!  I must say we got lobstered out and the last night we were there we got pizza 🙂

DSC_0229 IMG_6143 IMG_6148 IMG_6150 IMG_6177 IMG_6178

Elliana was the only one not too keen on the seafood.  She’s kind of going through a semi-picky food phase of some sort.  Grace and Clara were very adventurous and loved it all!  We loved the roadside stands selling lobster.  Back in Illinois, it would have been corn 🙂  New England is a gorgeous area!  The East Coast seems like such a history-rich area.  I love it!  Coming from miles and miles of flat Midwestern corn and bean fields,  I loved all the areas we drove through: mountains, lots of woods, the ocean…I also loved seeing all the fishing boats, harbors, lighthouses.  We debated whether or not to extend our trip by one more day and swing into Vermont since we hit every New England state but that one.  As it ended up, we left Bangor Saturday morning, stopped in Portland to see the lighthouse, ran into a Trader Joes to get food for the rest of the trip so we wouldn’t need to stop for meals and arrived home close to midnight Saturday.  The following Sunday was George’s first day of work and I would be going to church solo with the kids.  We wanted to get home by Sunday so we could go to church at home in hopes of maybe finding a church home for this year.  We were up until 1:30 trying to decide where to go and you can read the rest of the story here.  🙂


I will post more pictures of Maine soon!

Happy 8 years to us!


Today marks our 8th wedding anniversary.  A precious friend came over with her sweet daughter, Emma, to babysit ALL of our girls so we could go on a hot date.  Actually, before we went for dinner, I met George downtown at work and went with him to the annual hospital meeting where he received the award given to the Northwestern University senior resident who best exemplifies academic excellence, special leadership skills and compassion for patients.  Very proud of him and all the hard work he’s done!  He also received a similar award given within the ortho department.

I am so thankful for the 13 years I’ve known George.  He has and continues to bless my life every day.  I am also so, so grateful for the wonderful marriage we enjoy and the years we’ve had together.  I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, kinder, funnier, more gentle, hardworking and patient man.  He’s an excellent husband and daddy and most importantly, he loves the Lord Jesus!  That’s the starting point for all the wonderful things I love about my man.  Here’s to a lifetime of years together!