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Maryland wildlife


We were doing school at the dining room table when Grace screeched and pointed to our window.  Thankfully this slow-moving giant bug was on the outside.  Eeeewww!  We found out it’s called a Wheel Bug and is one of the largest insects in North America.  I guess its presence is indicative of a healthy ecosystem and it’s considered a helpful insect like ladybugs because it eats destructive insects.


We’ve seen these vines and berries in our neighborhood several times.  They are the most unusual berries I’ve ever seen.  Turquoise, deep blue and lavender.  Anyone know what they are?


In One Month

tuckerlaneOne month from today, George will be done with boards, we will have made our cross-country trek, will hopefully be somewhat unpacked and will be going to sleep in our HOUSE!  We’ve been in the same apartment in a beautiful Chicago neighborhood for the past five years.  It’s a lovely place with lots of sunshine, a big kitchen, three small bedrooms and a tiny front and back yard.  We’ve loved this apartment but are super excited to be able to rent a house with a beautiful big yard and will no longer have to worry about the kids being too loud for our neighbors downstairs. (it’s a lot harder than you think…and I don’t know that we did such a great job being quiet…but we tried!)


Top: Our new rental house front yard; Bottom: Our new backyard, complete with a “zee-bo and a ham-hock” as Clara says.