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Sushi Party

Leah and Nathan hosted what is becoming their annual post-Thanksgiving sushi party.  It was delicious, of course!  We didn’t get any pictures of the food, but we got a picture of the two of us.  This was after  several days off work for George…he looks so refreshed!  I’m so excited for him to be done with training and to have more time to sleep 🙂  Seriously, sometimes (most of the time!), I don’t know how he does everything he does (and does it well!).



Happy Father’s Day!


What more can I say?  This wonderful man is dearly loved and cherished by a lot of ladies!

To celebrate after church, we picked up food from Sultan’s market- one of our favorites + price is right!- and had a wonderful lunch together.  George got to take a Sunday afternoon nap then went with Grace and Ellie to Ohare to pick up his brother-in-law who is coming to the U.S. for a work conference and to visit.  He will be here through our move and it looks like, will be keeping George company, driving the big truck out East.